Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking

Looking good on Factory Falls

Looking good on Factory Falls

Earlier in the week, I was working with some returning clients who has aspirations to paddle their kayaks on white water and so booked me forĀ  day of instruction.

With not much water in the rivers, I opted to run the course at the Mile End Mill site in Llangollen which is a great site to introduce those new to white water. The site gauge was just above 2, which was lower than I expected but probably just right for our needs. After a quick check on the core paddling skills (forwards, backwards, turning & sideways), which in this case required a bit of fine tuning and then it was soon time to get stuck in with fundamental skills required for white water,

With SALE SET firmly embedded in the session the lads were soon ferry gliding and breaking in/out of the flow with ease and it was soon time to put the new skills into practice as we ran a few of he major rapids on the site.

A had a great day on the water and judging by the feedback so did my clients and I hope they go on to have many more kayaking adventures.


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