Introduction to Caving at Llanymynech

Young caver getting to grip with mine exploration

Young caver getting to grips with mine exploration

Over the Christmas period, I got together with my friend and fellow outdoor instructor Martin Digby for a spot of mine exploration. A few phone calls later and the trip had expanded to include my daughter and Martin’s son as they were both keen to get out and do something active.

Ogof Llanymynech
This venue provides a great introduction to cave / mine exploration and is a venue I know quite well through my work with Arthog Outreach. A few introductions and we were soon at the cave entrance with the little ones and Martin keen to get on with the exploration. With survey in hand we were off and we soon passed the Shaft Chamber, the Nut Cracker, Burial Chamber and the the Belfry from which we had to retrace our steps back to the shaft chamber but not before everyone had a go at the Belfry Challenge!

Once back in Shaft Chamber, we dropped through a hole in the floor to the Fiveways Chamber and made our out over the ‘paddle of truth’ and to regain the main passage way and the cave entrance where we had some lunch.

Ogof Llanymynech – Victorian Level
Although the Ogof dates back to Roman times their has been considerable activity in the Victorian to extract, albeit unsuccessfully more metal ores. This resulted in a new adit being driven in and I was keen to explore it. Unfortunately, try as I might I was unable to locate the entrance. With a quick phone call to Al, my caving mentor, he gave some splendid directions and we were soon standing at the entrance.

The workings are much more modern in character and consist of a main adit with a series of blind cross passages. The main adit eventually terminates at a stoop which can be climbed to give access to some older Roman workings (which we did not explore on this occasion). The adit was quite wet up, to knee deep in water in places , and provides a pleasant addition to the Ogof if you are so inclined.

To see a few pictures of our trip then please click here.


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