Instructing For Arthog Outreach

Another cracking week at Arthog Outreach where, I was involved in the following activities.

A Walk on the Breidden Hills

The group at Rodney's Pillar

The group at Rodney’s Pillar

This was to be a hill walk for Year 3 & 4 to reach Rodney’s Pillar which is a famous landmark for the surrounding towns and villages. I opted for the quick short and sharp approach to the summit where we  treated to some splendid faces of the local flood plain and the mountains of Mid & North Wales. From the summit we too a leisurely stroll back down playing a few games and taking the time to take in the natural environment. A lovely day on the hill with some lovely young people.

A Visit to Sweeny Mountain
This is a local landmark close to Oswestry and the Year 1 & 2 class that scaled the height of 189m where extremely pleased with their achievement. Along the way we made memory sticks, rolled down hills, identified plants and flowers and had a fantastic picnic lunch. We also found a dead mole and it was great to see there fascination over the unique features of this incredible animal.

Climbing at Grinshill
All good things come to an end and the final activity for the week was climbing at Grinshill with Year 6. The group really worked well together and were keen to learn more about this great sport, which is great news as I have the group for 2 more climbing sessions and it will great to see what the group achieves.

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