Instructing For Arthog Outreach In May

A whole load of fun at Arthog Outreach

Instructing for Arthog Outreach is always fun and this month was no exception! The sessions were very varied and it was great fun to be working with such enthusiastic and inquiring young people.

Climbing at Grinshill
Working with a variety of age groups it was great to introduce some top tips for everyone to reach new heights as they gained confidence in their abilities and the safety team to look after them should they ‘fall off’.

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool
Working with rafted and single canoes it was great to see everyone manoeuvre the canoe with ease as we played with various games and challenges to enforce the learning. It never ceases to amaze me how much the young people can achieve given the right opportunities and learning environment.

Canoeing on the River Severn
Using rafted canoes we sent off on an upstream journey to explore the River Severn and the bankside flora and fauna. The group coped really well with the upstream journey and really enjoyed watching the Sandmartins as they darted in and out of their bankside nests. According to the young people it was the best day ever which always gives you a nice warm feeling inside.

River Studies
Arthog Outreach is not always about outdoor activities although outdoor learning is always well received through the medium of outdoor adventure. We used the Longmynd and walked up one the streams to its source looking at various features we passed on the way and trying to work out where the stream ended up, which in this case is the Bristol Channel.

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