Instructing for Arthog Outreach

I’ve had a lovely week instructing for my friends at Arthog Outreach that involved exploring on the Wrekin, canoeing at Simpsons Pool and Climbing at Grinshill.

Exploring on the Wrekin

Taking a break on the way to the summit

Taking a break on the way to the summit

A return visit to the Wrekin to explore the woodland environment and look at the Iron Age Hill fort and what a day it was too! Along the way we foraged for food (elderberries, sweet chestnuts and beech nuts) which were devoured with great gusto. Along the way we discussed, what live might have been like for the people in the hill fort and little about the history of the Conovii tribal people that lived there.

The view from the summit was pretty spectacular once again and the young people had a great time trying to identify the distant landmarks from the topography. Soon it was time to descend and as the group were very keen to try the rope swing at the Half Way House we moved quite quickly. There was much laughter on the use of the swing where I and the class teacher were encouraged to have a go too. Well it seemed rude not too.

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool
The first week of a five day programme (that will include a canoeing, caving, climbing, hill walking and a student choice of activity). Its also good to start off with a fun and adventurous activity to get the group enthused about the future activities so I started the session with a canoeing at Simpsons Pool. Some of the group struggled with the fundamental skills but with an adjustment to the crews and personal coaching of some of the paddlers there was significant improvement after lunch and much fun was had by all.

I was particularly pleased to hear the group talking about how much fun they had canoeing and what they could expect on the other activities

Climbing at Grinshill

High on the climb

High on the climb

This was also the first week of a five day programme and this time to make the best of the dry weather the group went climbing to Grinshill. Some of the group were quite nervous but very soon all where keen to get stuck into the climbing. It was also great to see the team connecting themselves to the rope, carrying out their own safety checks and undertaking peer group belaying. The group thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were smiling like Cheshire Cats on what they had achieved.

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