Instructing For Arthog Outreach

Work is slowly starting to pick up and it was good to be working back with Arthog Outreach this week, which saw me providing team building, climbing and a hill walk with an historical theme.

Year 3 Team Building
A lively morning session looking at fundamentals of team building, good listening, co-operation. support through the Plan Do Review cycle through various team challenges (Hoop Challenge, Swamp Crossing, Keeper of the Keys, Marble Run). Then as a final reward the session was finished off with a few climbing wall challenges. A rather nice session enjoyed by all – even if I do say so myself.

Year 4 Climbing Session
Another team building session but through the medium of climbing, looking at personal responsibility, looking after others, support and personal challenges. Some of the group were a little nervous but after a little encouragement it was great to see them reach new heights while the rest of the team were involved in the peer group belaying system. The young people really enjoyed the climbing and no one wanted to go back to school.

On the Wrekin – which way now then

Historical Hill Walk With Year 5′
Our venue for the day was the Wrekin as the group were studying the Anglo Saxons as we needed a historical timeline for the day.  There is a hill fort on the Wrekin, which dates back to the Ironage (750BC). After the Romans arrived in 43AD the hill fort was captured and the roman city of Viriconium (now Wroxeter), which was the fourth largest city in Roman Britain was built. After the Romans left in 450AD, the Anglo Saxons moved and utilised much of the Roman infrastructure for themselves. Evidence of this can be seen in St Andrews Church, which dates back to the Anglo Saxon period

Inside St Michael’s Church

The Year 5’s really enjoyed scaling the Wrekin, looking at the views, sploshing in mud and seeing how big the Giant’s feet were and looking at the flora and fauna on the way. After descending the Wrekin, we visited the Wroxeter to see the remains of the Roman City and the nearby Anglo Saxon Church of St Martins. The year 5’s were fascinated by the tombs and the figures in repose on the top, which judging by the clothing date back to the Tudor period.

The young peope had a cracking day out, I know because they told me so and to be honest so did I.

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