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I always enjoy working for my friends at Arthog Outreach and this week was no exception! This weeks activities were walking on the Wrekin to explore the Iron Age Hill Fort and the second week of my progressive canoe programme. The days unfolded as follows.

Exploring the Wrekin

Looking for invading Roman Armies

Looking for invading Roman Armies

After a quick chat on how the Wrekin was formed (I still think the myth of the giant & the cobbler is a better theory than plate tectonics and extinct volcanoes) we headed up the Wrekin by a steep and small path through the woods that emerges by Hell’s Gate. As we wandered we took the time to sample some blackberries and elderberries which were new to quite a look of the young people.

At the top we discussed why the hill fort was built on the hilltop and what the daily life of the inhabitants would of been like. We played a few games in the wood (invading roman army and find that tree) which was enjoyed by all. As we had a few minutes to spare we also popped over to Wroxeter to look at the Roman Village

Canoeing on the Shropshire Union Canal

Canoeing on the Shropshire Union Cana/

Canoeing on the Shropshire Union Cana/

We were at Simpsons Pool last week to learn some of the fundamental canoe skills and the aim of this weeks session was to apply and develop these skills by a journey on the Shropshire Union Canal. The group really excelled on loading and unloading the boats and it was great to see them so enthusiastic about getting on the water. Some of the paddling crews needed a bit of fine tuning but very quickly all the teams were moving the canoe with ease and applying the skills from week 1 to deal with winds and other canal craft.

If you would like CHMAS to provide this type of trip for you and your group then please take a look at our youth activity page by clicking here.

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