Instructing For Arthog Outreach

AIt’s been a cracking week at Arthog Outreach where I was involved in running bushcraft and canoe sessions.

Bushcraft bread in the making

Environmental Sessions
The topic for this term is the Anglo Saxons and for the final session for this group of Year 4 students we looked at campfire cooking.  The teams were split into three (wood choppers, bread makers and pop corn makers and everyone took their role very seriously indeed and as a reward for their efforts they had lots of lovely popcorn and bushcraft bread. The school staff we had on session was so impressed by what the children had achieved that she asked for the Class Teacher and Head Teacher to come over and see what they had done. A job well done in my opinion.

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool
Two very different sessions this week. The first was an end of year treat for a group of Yea5 5’s and the second was part of a ‘girl empowerment’ programme for a group of Year 4 students. The Year 5’s really enjoyed the canoeing and took great delight in giving me a good soaking in the water fight. It never ceases to amaze me how fast and how well they can steer the boat when the chase is on! My year 4 group found the canoeing a little challenging but with a bit of stealth and cunning they slowly picked up the fundamental skills and they all left grinning like Cheshire Cats and feeling proud of their achievements.

Another lovely week and I’m looking forward to more after the half term break.

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