Instructing For Arthog Outreach

Leaf ID Guide – made by some enthusiastic students

Last week, I was running environmental education and canoeing sessions for Arthog Outreach and a most pleasant week it was too.

Environmental Education Sessions
Working with a new Year 3 group providing an afternoon of environmental education. The class spent a little time gathering as many leaves as they could find and proceeded to identify them using a leaf ID sheet. The group then used this knowledge to produce their own individual ID sheet, which we will use in a future session.

Canoeing Sessions
Two very different canoe sessions for a Year 5 group Both groups were a little apprehensive about canoeing so I opted for a rafted canoe session and two lovely session they turned out to be too! We played lots of games in the morning to build up confidence before taking a well earned lunch. For the afternoon session, we built on the fundamental skills learnt in the morning and finished off with a bit of spell wielding and having a stand up paddling race which was extremely popular.

At the end of the session no one wanted to leave and they all wanted to do canoeing again so a job well  done in my opinion.



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