Instructing For Arthog Outreach

On the way to the summit

On the way to the summit

Last week, I was leading sessions for Arthog Outreach in outdoor education, bushcraft and hillwalking and a lovely week it was too.

Environmental Education
Working with a Year 3 group on the school grounds we went outside to collect as many different types of seeds that we could find, which proved to be quite entertaining for the group. Then it was inside to warm up  and to identify what we had found and talk about how the seeds might be dispersed and then grow into new trees. The young people were then very keen to do their bit of the environment and plant the seeds they had collected.

This was to be the last week working with the Year 5 group and the group were keen to do a day of bushcraft and it turned out to be quite an adventure! During the day, we looked at fire lighting, safe tool use, retreated to the minibus to shelter from the mini tornado, used tarps to make a shelter and then toasted marshmallows to finish off the day. All in all a good day and very much enjoyed by the group.

Hill Walking

Checking on the route

Checking on the route

To finish off their activity programme, this group opted for a walk around and over Earls Hill and they were rewarded for their efforts by some cracking views from the summit. The group were quite keen to take charge of the route finding, stopping along the way to look at the flora and fauna, which was lovely to see. As we had a little time towards the end of the work, we stopped to introduce a few fundamental bushcraft skills which was enjoyed by all, with one of the groups succeeding to light a piece of tender fungus.

Another lovely week, and I will be sad to see my Thursday & Friday group depart as they have both grown in confidence and have become a little more independent. At least that’s what they told me and has been backed up by the feedback from their class teachers.

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