Instructing For Arthog Outreach

Another cracking week working for my good friends at Arthog Outreach which has seen me providing team building challenges for a Year 3 / 4 group, climbing at Grinshill with a Year 4/5 group and woodland exploration with a Year 4 group.

Teambuilding With Years 3 &4
I have been running team building sessions for Years 3 & 4 for some time now and I still find it fascinating what they feel the characteristics of a good and bad team are (right & left hand side of the board). A quick look at the Plan – Do – Review cycle and roles and responsibilities and then its in to the team tasks. Lots of praise and encouragement as they work through the activities brings huge rewards and they are a completely different group by the end of the session.

Climbing at Grinshill With Year 4 & 5
Another warm week with all the group keen to stuck into the climbing. The walk to the crag was very pleasant and we were soon at the base of the crag, all kitted up and ready to go climbing. Most climbers got to the top of the climbs and were really pleased with their efforts and heartily tucked into their lunch. After lunch we headed off the summit to warm up and see the views and the group where really pleased they could see the Wrekin.

Toasting Marshmallows at the Mad Hatters Tea Party

Toasting Marshmallows at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Woodland Exploration With Year 4
The theme for this class was Alice in Wonderland so we headed off to the woods to explore, look for fungi and of course have the Mad Hatters Tea Party around a campfire while toasting marshmallows. The group were quite excited by the thought of lighting a fire and with a few tricks up my sleeve like electricity (wire wool and battery) and chemical reactions (wizard dust and goblin snot) the group really got stuck into fire lighting and using a flint and steel.

A lovely week and hopefully there will be many more to come.



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