Instructing for Arthog Outreach

It’s been another busy week at Arthog Outreach where, I have delivered canoeing and climbing sessions to for Years 4, 5 and 6.

Canoeing With Year 4 on the River Severn (Buildwas to Ironbridge)

Happy at reaching the Ironbridge

Happy at reaching the Ironbridge

Despite a few senior moments on my behalf this was a cracking day on the River! We put on at Buildwas and floated down the River in rafted canoes, taking the time to look at points of interest along the route to get to our lunch stop at Ironbridge Rowing Club. After lunch we played a few games (spinning tops and races) before paddling down to the Ironbridge to get a fish’s eye view of the bridge from the water. The group were quite excited by this the bridge had recently featured in on of their lessons. The paddle back upstream was quite challenging but everyone worked really hard and we were soon back at the Wharfage grinning like Cheshire cats on what they had achieved.

Climbing at Grinshill With Year 5 & 6

Climbing at Grinshill

Climbing at Grinshill

A cracking two days climbing at Grinshill with Year 6 (Thursday) and Year  (Friday) working with a lovely bunch of young people. Some of the group found the climbs quite challenging but we very eager to give it another go when the opportunity arose. I was really impressed by how diligently they carried out the pre-climb checks and gave encouragement to the climbers and of course undertook peer group belaying. I think the young people get more out of the experience if they are actively involved!

If you would like CHMAS to provide this type of activity for you and your group them please take a look at our Youth Programme page on the main website by clicking here.

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