Instructing For Arthog Outreach

Bushcraft bread In the making

Bushcraft bread In the making

Its been another good week working for my friends at Arthog Outreach which has seen me running a full day of bushcraft skills, the final assessment week for my GCSE PE students and a woodland experience for some pre-schoolers.

Bushcraft Instruction
Despite being a very wet day, we still managed to light a fire cook bushcraft bread and make a hot chocolate. As we dodged the showers we also took a little time to look at some of the past industrial usages of the area that we where using – mining & lime production.

GCSE Climbing Assessment
This was the final week for my GCSE students and I felt very proud indeed when all of the students upped their game for the final assessment with all of the students exhibiting a fair degree of flair with their belaying and safety checks (some of the supposed climbers at the wall the previous evening would have been put to shame). I’m pleased to sat that everyone passed the module with some particularly high scores too.

Woodland Experience
A lovely split day working with two groups of preschool children in the woods making a hot chocolate and cooking bushcraft bread.

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