Instructing for Arthog Outreach

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool

Last week, I had three lovely days working for my friends at Arthog Outreach providing bushcraft instruction, a woodland walk and spot of canoeing at Simpsons Pool.

Bushcraft Instruction
Working on the school site, I was tasked with running three two bushcraft sessions – the session was built using the rule of 3’s and we looked at shelter making and fire lighting. We would then use these skills to light the Kelly kettle and make hot chocolate.┬áThe session went very well, despite the damp weather and the hot chocolate was well received.

Woodland Walk
We walked from the centre into Shortwood passing three distinct habitats along the way (urban – housing – fields – farming and woodland environment) We looked for animal tracks and made small scale debris shelters which we tested for waterproofness. A cracking day out in the woods.

Canoeing at Simpsons Pool
The group really worked well loading / unloading the boats where they took turns to be boss. Unfortunately, the group found the canoeing very challenging and I had to be quite inventive with the games so that stealth learning took place.

I’m pleased to say that there was a small improvement in their paddling skills by the end of the session and all of the young people enjoyed being on the water.

A nice week that required a little bit of thought at times, so the young people really benefitted from their outdoor learning experiences.

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