Holiday Club For Arthog Outreach

During August, I was leading a holiday club for Arthog Outreach proving split week of team building, climbing and canoeing for a group of new year 7’s

During the week each team got stuck into the following activities:

On Site Team Building

Lets stick together

Lets stick together

A variety of personal & group challenges to champion trust, listening and communications skills that involved ground based tasks, climbing wall and low ropes elements. My particular favourite was the abseil slope which the team just loved walking up and down. To make things just a little more interesting I devised a little challenge whereby the team had to ascend and descend the slope while maintaining contact with each other. I think they quite liked the challenge judging by the smiley faces opposite.

Using the sandstone outcrops of Grinshill. This was the second most popular activity and no matter how adventurous you are there is always a role for you! Some young people were a little nervous before lunch but were soon scaling the heights after lunch and grinning like Cheshire Cats with their achievements.


Happy on the River Severn

Happy on the River Severn

Either on the River Severn or Simpsons Pool to have a fun simply messing around in canoes. In my case I opted to take the team on the River Severn and it was really great to see the team work so well to assist with the loading / unloading of  the boats and making the rafts. We played a few games at the rowing club which was enjoyed by all before paddling on to our get out at the Wharfage in Ironbridge.
This was the most popular activity of the week and rightly so in my opinion.

I had a really nice week and I hope the Year 7’s have lots of find memories from their time with Arthog Outreach.

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