Hill Walking – D of E Silver Training

I was asked by a local college to assist with their preparations for the silver D of E Training programme and as such I found myself providing a recap on the fundamental navigational skills on the Peckforton Hills in Cheshire, which hosts not one but two castles although one is now a hotel and serves extremely good tea / coffee for those feeling flush.

Taking a break

The day started with introductions and a navigation quiz so that I could gauge the level of skill within the group and it soon became apparent that these were quite a knowledgeable group so without much fuss we set off to explore / navigate our way around the hills. Along the way we looked at:

  • route choice;
  • estimating times / distance / walking speed;
  • compass bearings;
  • emergency procedures; and
  • flora and fauna.

Wood sorrel

When asked about the highlight of the day the group were very impressed by the edible leaves of wood sorrel, which tastes like a slightly bitter apple.

If you would like to brush up on your navigational skills or just fancy a guided walk then please take a look at the activities page on our main site to find out more by clicking here.

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