High Ropes at Concorde College

Working together on the Jacobs Ladder

Working together on the Jacobs Ladder

Earlier in the week, I was working foe my good friends at the Adventure Ropes Course running a series of sessions on the ‘on campus’ high ropes course of Concorde College which has a nice mix of activities including my nemesis the parachute simulator.

We were working 2 sessions per day and some 200 plus students got to grips with the:

  • High Al-a-board;
  • Jacobs Ladder;
  • Grapevine; and
  • Parachute simulator.

I had a fantastic three days working with a really motivated bunch of students and I’m looking forward to the return visit later in the year when we get to play with a few other elements on the course.

If you would like this type of activity for you and your group then through our association with the Adventure Ropes Course we would pleased to provide this activity for you. You can find out more by clicking here .

We look forward to hearing from you.


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