Gorge Site Inspection & Clearance

My work at CHMAS is extremely varied some days its activity instruction, others it’s providing specialist services to other companies and some days I’m undertaking a  gorge site inspection and clearance.

As part of an annual inspection, I was asked by a local company to inspect and arrange any necessary maintenance to ensure the gorge is clear of obstructions. It can be a tough job but is usually a great laugh as we wonder how some of the items we uncover ever found their way into the gorge in the first place! I met up with my good friend Waz, and we were soon on our way to the gorge wondering what delights we would find this time. Thankfully, apart from a fallen tree that Waz dealt with most efficiently with his chain saw we didn’t have too  much to clear out and we soon back at a local cafe enjoying an Earl Grey tea, which if you know Waz you tend to drink by the bucket full.

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