Gold DofE Assessment – Canoe Trip on the River Severn

A lovely day to be on the water

A lovely day to be on the water

CHMAS is an Approved Activity Provider for the DofE and offers a full range of expedition services to facilitate your groups expedition and in this case we were assessing a Gold Canoe Expedition on the River Severn for an Open Award Centre.

I had completed the pre expedition checks a few days prior to the expedition and was impressed by the level of organisation that both teams had displayed. The start of the first day was particularly laboured and both teams needed a gentle nudge to get on the water, which is fairly common but by the end of the expedition they were pretty slick in getting on and off the water.

I saw them throughout the expedition to monitor their paddling skills, campcraft and to check on the information they were gathering for their Aim / Purpose. By the end of the third day,

I had seen enough to make a decision and saw the teams at the finish point of their expedition to congratulate them on successfully completing their expedition.

If you would like CHMAS to provide assessor services for your expedition then please take a look at our DofE Page to find out more.

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