Further First Aid Training

Following a fantastic REC Emergency First Aid course in September, I decided to further my knowledge by attending a REC Advanced First Aid course run by Getafix. I wasn’t sure what to expect and had visions of doing all sorts of things with a Bic Biro but fortunately, my fears were soon quashed by too great instructors Leo and Nicole.

The course kicked off with a recap of the Emergency course and Cardiopulmonary Rescusitation  (CPR) protocols before settling in to look at some of the more advanced techniques such as:

  • Additional tools for the head to toe examination;
  • Assessing casualties using the Glasgow Comma Scale(GCS);
  • Automatic Exterenal Defibulator (AED);
  • Airways / Air Bag Mask;
  • Taking a blood pressure reading with equipment and some rules of thumb for when you don’t;
  • Spinal injuries (including sizing / fitting collars and spinal boards;
  • Further techniques for chest / head injuries;
  • Immobilisation of fractures (using splints);and
  • Tips for extended casualty management.

All of this was introduced in a very practical and hands on way through  a series of demonstrations, activity and then pulling it all together in scenarios we we all took our part in playing casualties and first aiders. I enjoyed the course so much that I have decided to attend a REC Trainers course in March.

If you are looking for a first aid course then I strongly recommend that you attend one run by Getafix and Nicole. For further information on the REC Courses please see the links below.

For general information on REC courses please click here.

For information on REC courses run by Getafix then please click here.

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