Foundation Safety & Rescue Provider Training

After several months of searching, I eventually found a Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (FSRT) providers training course that didn’t clash with other work commitments. John Lucas, who is the Regional Coaching Officer (RCO) for Yorkshire, was running the course from the Aldwark Scout Activity Centre and the text below describes what we did on the day.

After tea/ coffee and introductions the day kicked off with framing the award, identification of the fundamental principles – CLAP, SRTR, & STVK and manual handling (spine in line & slide & glide) and then a look at personal clothing / equipment appropriate for FSRT. A quick tea break and we looked at bank based rescues and the importance of SRTR.  This about concluded the morning session and to give the afternoons wet session work true authenticity the weather turned a little clouder and the sun disappeared behind the clouds.

After lunch we looked at all forms of boat based recue looking at the current thinking behind rescues, manual handling issues (spine in line & slide & glide) and the importance of STVK. Although the morning sessions were enjoyable it was the afternoon sessions for me that proved to be the most usefull as we looked at each others technique and offered advice or questioned the mode of operation (for me getting into a righted kayak unaided proved to be difficult!)

The final session of the course was a question and answer section on all aspects of the syllabus and allowed us to quiz John on his delivery and any questions about running our courses in the future.

Overall, I really enjoyed this course and came away a better paddler than when I arrived. John is a jolly nice chap and knows a thing about running really enjoyable and informative courses so if you need an FSRT providers course then I certainly recommend attending one of John’s.

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