Foundation Climbing Coach Training Course

The Mountain Leader Training Board have recently launched the Climbing Coach Award as an add on to the more technical climbing awards (CWA /SPA /CWLA / MIA) and it comes in three parts:

  1. Foundation Coach
  2. Development Coach
  3. Performance Coach

To find out more about these awards please click here.

I have been coaching climbing for some years now and I thought it would be  a great opportunity to see how my coaching methods stacked up against a National Award and I was secretly hoping for a high level of congruence.

Last Monday, I presented myself for a Foundation Climbing Course training course being run by Joby Davies at the Redpoint Climbing Centre in Birmingham. During the course of the day we looked at the keys skills of coaching (observation & analysis) but in a practical and holistic way. There were also sessions on learning styles, coaching models and giving feedback. Thankfully, there was a high degree of congruence between what I do and the training course and I look forward to developing these skills as I prepare for the assessment later in the year.

As always with Joby, the course was well presented really good fun to be part of so if you are thinking of becoming a climbing coach then I can certainly recommend a course run by Joby. To find out more about his courses please click here.

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