First Aid Revalidation

In December, I was on the look out for a Rescue and Emergency Care (REC) First Aid Course. The REC courses have been designed specifically for outdoor practitioners and are in my opinion the ‘must have’ first aid qualification for anyone who works in the outdoors.

After a bit of searching, I eventually found a course running in Llangollen being delivered by Getafix and I booked on to it. As this would the sixth time I had attended such a course, I was a little concerned that it would be a little tedious repeating the same information. Well its amazing what you can forget in three years and our instructor Nicole soon filled in the missing knowledge in a very lively and informative way. DR ABC (DE), AVPU and the obligatory first aid techniques were all covered in a very informative and hands on way through scenarios. A number of question & answer sessions were thrown in for good measure, which for me were the best bits of a truly excellent course.

If you are looking for a first aid course then I strongly recommend that you attend one run by Getafix and Nicole. For further information on the REC Courses please see the links below.

For general information on REC courses please click here.

For information on REC courses run by Getafix then please click here.

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