Final Week With Arthog Before The Easter Break

Summit Views

Summit Views

I thoroughly enjoyed working with my friends at Arthog Outreach this term and what a great final week it was too.

Grinshill (Walk / Climb)
Our venue for the day was Grinshill where we went exploring in the morning and then climbing in the afternoon. We parked up in Clive Village and made our way to the summit talking about the great explorers- Shackleton, Scott and my particularly favourite Joe Simpson. After lunch we got stuck into the climbing which was enjoyed by all a thoroughly great day out.

I also had the boss out with me on the session as part of a peer review process and I had some great feedback and a few things to think about and/or introduce into my future sessions.

Exploring Shortwood
Working with a Year 1 & 2 group, I run two woodland sessions on the theme of fire exploring the local Shortwood. We wondered through the wood, collecting materials such as birch bark, twigs and King Alfred’s Cakes to make a fire. At out base camp we light a fire to make hot chocolate which was enjoyed by all before heading off to seek out the disused Lime Kilns so that the young people could see a traditional use industrial use of fire. Two lovely sessions in the wood.

Hill Walk to Earls Hill

Working with a Year 5 group on the second day of their 3 day programme we went exploring to Earls Hill and a mighty fine day it was too. The young people really got stuck into the navigation and it wasn’t too long before their natural curiosity kicked in and we stopped to look up and identify the flora and fauna.

Toasting marshmallows

Toasting Marshmallows

The made the steep ascent with ease and were rewarded for their efforts with some superb views as they found a sheltered spot to have some lunch. After lunch we rolled down the hill for a bit, which was greeted with shrieks of delight. Once in the wood, we found a nice clearing to have a quick hot chocolate and toast some marshmallows which was enjoyed by all.

We also found some wood sorrel and it seemed fitting an end to our journey to try some.

It’s been a lovely three days and a great week to finish on before the Easter Break and I’m looking forward to a rest before the next term starts.

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