Final Week of Instructing For Arthog Outreach (2015)

The final week of 2015 for my friends at Arthog Outreach was quite simply a blast! I was involved in a canoe session for a group of Year5’s and introducing bushcraft & woodland exploration to a group of Youth Workers.

Canoeing At Simpsons Pool

Getting ready to paddle

Getting ready to paddle

A very capable group who really got stuck into mastering the fundamental canoe strokes so much so that they where soon whizzing about with great ease (well almost). Lots of games to build confidence and reinforce the fundamental strokes (stealth learning) and a lovely time on the water. The group had such a good time that they asked if they could come again next week. A job well done in my opinion

Bushcraft Instruction

Toasting marsh mallows

Toasting marsh mallows

It’s always fun working with adult groups at Arthog Outreach and this session was particularly raucous introducing a few of the fundamental bushcraft skills to group of youth workers as part of an end of year team building exercise. We looked at safe tool use and fire lighting techniques to toast marshmallows and make a hot drink. Then it was off to the woods for a little bit of foraging and the group took great delight in harvesting cramp balls and birch bark for use in their future sessions.

A cracking day working with some really exceptional people.

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