Discovering the IOL Learning Cards

Learning Card Extract

Learning Card Extract

Last Monday, as part of professional development, I was on an IOL Learning Card Course. These cards have been developed for the IOL by the Outdoor Educators Advisor Panel (OEAP) to introduce a range of exciting Outdoor Learning Activities to young people (Foundation to Key Stage 3). The cards cover the following activities:

  • Journeying (7 cards)
  • Team Building (18 cards)
  • Bouldering (8 cards)
  • Orienteering (17 cards)

More information on the IOL Learning Cards can be found by clicking here. Although the course content was a little basic, I had a great time and came with quite a few scenarios and ideas to introduce in to my own outdoor learning sessions.

My course was run by Alan Braybrooke at Arthog Outreach and I can certainly recommend him if you are looking for this type of course.

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