D of E Training Day at Ellesmere

Getting on the lake

I was working with a local school in Ellesmere to assist with their Silver D of E Canoe Expedition Training. The purpose of the day was to introduce the group to the canoe specific elements of their expedition and to recap on some of the other elements such as route cards and menu planning.

Moving the boat sideways

The morning started with preparation of the route cards for their expedition along the River Severn (Pool Quay to Shrewsbury – 51 kilometres) and after a bit of fine tuning the route cards were all accurately prepared although some of the twists and turns on the river particularly on day 1 did increase the challenge some what. Then we looked at menu planning (having the right sort of food and enough of it) before looking at how to pack barrels for as opposed to a rucksack.

Rescue practice

The afternoon was spent on Ellesmere Lake (ypu need to book access to the lake in advance) looking at the fundamental canoe stokes, I was asked to teach moving sideways and with such an enthusiastic group it was nice to be able to progress this from stationary to on the move. As the weather was kind to almost kind to us, we finished off with rescue practice and group were asked to capsize and then swim ashore with the boat and paddles.

All in all a nice days work and I look forward to working with the School again.



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