D of E – River Wye Canoe Expedition

A sunny day on the River Wye

Last week, I was working for my friends at ProAdventure supervising a Gold D of E Canoe expedition on the River Wye.

I met the group on Monday and after a quick kit check, we were soon on the water as part of their acclimatisation day , which is a mandatory requirement of a Gold expedition. The group had decided to paddle from Hay on Wye to Symonds Yat camping at Bycross Farm, Lucksall Campsite and Ross on Wye rowing club, a distance of some 71 miles.

The next day the Group met up with their Assessor and and after the necessary checks were completed the set off from Hay to their overnight camp at Bycross Farm in glorious sunshine. The group arrived in good spirits and soon had the tents erected and the stove on for a brew!

On the second day, the group set off for Lucksall Campsite, which is to the east of Hereford. Once again the weather was sunny and I was particularly impressed with the groups cheery disposition while on the water.

Unfortunately, on the third day the weather took a turn for the worst with light showers and wind predominant throughout the day. Undeterred, the group paddled on to the rowing club at Ross on Wye and even broke into song to light the mood. I popped into the see the group that evening and they had erected a tarp to cook in and keep wind out and a very impressive arrangement it was too.

On the fourth day with brighter weather the group set off in good spirits to Symonds Yat which was the final destination for their expedition.

Well, I’m pleased to say that they all passed and on a persona note, this was one the best groups that I have worked with in terms of teamwork and organisation which for me is what a D of E expedition is about.

If you would like this type of expedition for your group then please take a look at our main website to find out more by clicking here.


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