D of E – Qualifying Silver Expedition on the Berwyn and Llangollen Hills

Off we go then

Off we go then

Last week, I was asked to assess a silver DofE expedition for my friend and fellow outdoor instructor Martin Digby on the Berwyn and Llangollen Hills. From the start, I could see that this was a well prepared and highly motivated team and it was a great privilege to be involved with their expedition. The lads were always in good spirits when I met then and always ready to share an anecdote about what had happened earlier in the day. To return the compliment, I thought I would¬†share an experience with them that I had endured the night before by offering them a boiled sweet which we will call the ‘Sour Cherry Incident’. Martin having tried the boiled sweet earlier in the day decided to video the event and this can be seen here (Sour Cherry Incident).

I had a thoroughly great three days working despite Martin’s lack of tea provision and I would like to wish Alfie, Jack, Jonathan & Tom the best of luck on completing the rest of the award. As always with Martin and I their is always two sides to our adventures and to see¬†Martin’s version of events then please click here.

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