D of E – Qualifying Expedition on Exmoor

The group in good spirits at Dunkery Beacon

The group in good spirits at Dunkery Beacon

During the last weekend of June, I was working for my good friends at Outposts supervising a team for their qualifying D of E bronze expedition on Exmoor. Despite, having a few navigational issues on the first day the team eventually found their way to the campsite albeit a few hours later then expected! Once they had put the tents up and eaten their evening it was time for a quick chat / review with the assessor about the day and what they expected to see on day two.

What a completely different team on day two! Always on time and having a thoroughly great time navigating around the beautiful Exmoor countryside. Well, I’m pleased to say the team successfully completed their expedition and I would like to wish them every success with their presentation and completing the rest of the award.

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