D of E Practice Expedition – Long Mynd

Checking the Map

I can honestly say the D of E expedition season is now firmly underway and over the glorious bank holiday weekend, I was assisting a local school with their D of E Bronze practice expedition on the Long Mynd.

I was allocated to Group 6, which consisted of seven lads who played a lot of sport but had not done much hill walking before. After quick introductions, it soon became apparent that there was much fine tuning to be done to prepare then for their independent expedition later in the year. Over the course of the two days, as a team, we were able to improve their camp craft, menu planning, team working and navigational skills. It is sometimes all too easy to tell the group what they need to improve but with this group, I felt it was important that discussed it amongst themselves and then advise me of the outcome. I was very pleased with the result as our respective action points differed by only one aspect.

At the Overnight Campsite

At the end of the practice expedition, we moved from seven individuals to one coherent team and I was pleased to sign them off for their practice expedition and wish them every success for their independent expedition later in the year.

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