D of E – Canoe Gold Assessing

Symonds Yat Rapid – Always a popular run

I see being a D Of E Assessor as quite a privileged position in that you get to observe young people undertaking an unsupported expedition under their own steam, which for some is quite a challenging experience. As such, I was quite pleased when I was asked to assess a gold canoe expedition on the River Wye for my friends at Telford & Wrekin Council.

I would be assessing three teams who would be paddling between Glasbury and Monmouth (82 miles or 132 kilometres) with overnight stops at Bycross, Lucksall and Ross Ross. The teams were very well prepared for their expedition and due to the higher than expected water levels made very progress on the water, which allowed them to really get to grips with their aim. The expedition aims were quite varied with one group looking at the bridges encountered, another at the water features and the final group looking at the amount and types of refuse found (it always fun looking in their boats at the end of the day to see what they had collected!!).

Over the four days the groups encountered a real mixed bag of weather but all of them remained in good spirits with much laughter and singing as they paddled along. Their organisation and teamwork at the campsites was impressive and they always manged to get away at their allocated time.

To see a review of their trip then please click here.

I’m pleased to say that all the teams passed and I look forward to seeing their presentations for their aim later in the year.

If you would like this type of support for your group or expedition then please take a look at our main site to find out more by clicking here.

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