D of E Bronze Training Expedition in Llangollen

On route

This weekend, the wettest for some time, I was involved with a D of E Bronze practice expedition for a local Shrewsbury school in the Vale of Llangollen. Our route for the first day began at the Ponderosa Cafe on the Horseshoe Pass and then using the Clwydian Way we made our way to the overnight campsite (via Castell Dinas Bran) at Wern Isaf Farm.  Despite the persistent rain at the start of the walk, I’m pleased to say the team handled the conditions well and took the navigation in their stride so much so that I was soon able to take a back seat role and be shadow the group around the route.

At Castell Dinas Bran

The ascent to Castell Dinas Bran was met with some degree of resistance but once at the top as the weather had brightened up somewhat we were treated to some great views of Llangollen and the River Dee and girls were rightly impressed with themselves on making the ascent. On arrival at the campsite (not a favourite of mine due to the slope but it does have some great views), the group soon had the stoves set up for a brew and the evening meal.

Leaving the campsite

Overnight the rain continued back thankfully stopped for long enough for the girls to cook breakfast and pitch the tents. After a quick review of the previous day the team left the campsite for their unaccompanied walk along the canal system to Chirk.

Well I’m pleased to say the team did very well indeed and I was pleased to be able to sign them off on their practice expedition so that they can undertake the assessed expedition later in the year.

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