D of E – Bronze Training Day

Having a Welcome Break

I assist many local schools and colleges with the provision of their D of E programme and as such I found myself teaching a bronze group navigation skills on the local hills around Llangollen, which provides a wide range of terrain for novices to practice their skills in relative safety.

I sometimes reflect on the ‘best way’ to teach navigation and accepting that every group is different there is a framework that I seem to be favouring more and more and this is shown below.

  • Navigation quiz – (lets see where the group are at). 
  • Discussion on the five whats of navigation.
    (what’s my objective, what will I see on the way, what will I see when I get there, what will I see if I can too far). 
  • Teach navigation on the hoof in bite size chunk as this keeps the learning real.

From the feedback received from groups most of them like this approach as it allows them time to try new techniques without information overload.

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