D of E Bronze Assessment

As an approved D of E Assessor (for Bronze, Silver & Gold),  I was working for a local college to assess a few teams for their bronze ‘assessed’ expedition in and around the Clwydian Hills. I always feel privileged to be asked to assess an expedition and see my role as to facilitate the teams success.

As is usual, transport problems meant a slightly delayed start on the first day but the pre expedition checks were completed quickly and groups were let loose on the hills. The day passed relatively quickly with all teams making good progress and in the sunshine. On arrival at the overnight camp, the weather deteriorated and it rained until the early hours of the second day. However, despite the inclement weather the groups all coped well and got on with the business of putting up the tents and cooking the evening meal.

On the second day, one of the teams had a navigational hiccup but remembered their training and put themselves back on course and rang the their supervisor to tell them that they would be little late at the next checkpoint. Other than this the day passed uneventfully and all the teams reached the end destination in good spirits.

I’m pleased to say that all the teams passed and felt they had achieved something very special indeed in completing their expedition.

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