D of E – Asessing a Gold Canoe Expedition

On the Great Glen with mountain views

On the Great Glen with mountain views

Earlier in the month, I was assessing a Gold D of E Canoe expedition on the Great Glen for my friends at Gateway Outdoors. For me, being a D Of E Assessor is quite a privileged position in that you get to observe young people undertaking an unsupported expedition and putting into practice all they have learnt in training.

For this assessment, I would be assessing three teams who would be paddling on the Great Glen between Fort William and Inverness stopping at various wild camps along the way, I just wish this was as easy in England & Wales!!  To their credit, despite the predicted cold weather the teams were committed to completing their expedition in Scotland.

Over the four days the groups encountered some of the best conditions I have seen in Scotland for some time. Blue skies and daytime temperatures of 10 degrees and the mountains which they passed  showing off their snow clad summits, which madse for some spectacular scenery. However, the temperatures at night dropped to between minus 5 and minus10 degrees but despite this they all of them remained in good spirits . Their organisation and teamwork at the locks and campsites was impressive and the decisions they made on water reflected the high quality training they had obviously received.

To see a view photographs of their trip please click here.

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