Coaching Processes Course

Just before Christmas, I attended a Coaching Processes course run by Steve Banks in the Lake District and I have to say it was one of the best courses that I have ever attended in terms of course content and delivery!

Steve’s course delivers the content of the standard BCU Course plus a whole lot more besides all backed up with a clear evidence base. The course content we covered was:

  • Skill acquisition definitions;
  • Skill Classification;
  • Interference Effects;
  • Attentional Effects;
  • Response Time;
  • Personal Factors Affecting Skill;
  • Memory and Information Processing;
  • Feedback;
  • Questioning;
  • Use of demonstrations;
  • Goal setting;
  • Practise structure;
  • Coach Behaviour; and
  • Practical Coaching (Coaching, Being Coached, Analysing Coaching).

I learnt a great deal from this course and look forward to applying what I’ve learnt in 2013 to provide a better learning experience for my clients.

If you would like a coaching processes course that challenges the norm and gives guidance on current good practice all backed up with evidence from respected sources then a course run by Steve Banks is the one for you.

To find out more about Steve’s courses then please click here.

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