Climbing Walll Award (Observation)

As part of my preparation for the Mountain Instructor Award (MIA) scheme, I took the opportunity to oberve a Climbing Wall Award (CWA) training course run by Joby Maw Davis.

The course was run over two days and looks at movement, personal and group climbing skills application to climbing walls and towers. The first day was run from Redpoint in Birmingham and looked at:

Looking at balance

  • CWA remit
  • legal issues
  • kit selection (personal & group);
  • attaching the rope to the harness;
  • personal belaying
  • personal climbing; and
  • movement skills.


The second day was run at the Laurell Road Community Sports Centre in Handsworth, which has a purpose made abseil / climbing tower and looked at:

The venue day two

  • top / bottom rope systems;
  • group belaying techniques;
  • incident management;
  • group abseiling;
  • incident management;
  • personal abseil safety; and
  • session planning.


Over the course of the two days, I picked up a host of useful tips which I will incorporate into my own climbing sessions such (twisting the rope to increase friction, a simplified belaying technique for beginners and host of tips to improve movement).

If you would like to find out more about the CWA scheme then further information can be found on the MLTUK website. To go to the MLTUK website click here.

If you were thinking of CWA course then I would strongly recommend one run by Joby as his relaxed manner encourages learning and makes the whole experience fun. To find out more about CWA courses run by Joby then please click here.

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