Climbing Wall Leading Award (CWLA) – Training Course

Lead climbing game to practice clipping

Lead climbing game to practice clipping

On Tuesday, I was at Redpoint Climbing Wall in Birmingham for a Climbing Wall Leading Award (CWLA) training course run by Joby Maw Davis. I have done a few courses with Joby and they all been excellent and this one was no exception.

The day started off introductions and then it was soon done to the technical sessions which were as follows:

  • Assessing participants fundamental skills
    Belaying / holding a fall, tying on and general climbing skills.
  • Simulated Leads
    Using the main walls with a safety top rope, bouldering walls (short length of rope to practice clipping) and a few games (picture climb etc).
  • Dynamic Belaying
    Falling off and reducing the impact to the climber and belaying games (belay racer). Remembering of course to select a suitable climb in the first place.
  • Lead Climbing/ Belaying
    A quick look at our personal climbing and the importance of safety zones (clipping and falling off) and appropriate positioning for dynamic belaying.
  • Further Falling
    Putting the concept of dynamic belaying into a leader fall and of course taking a leader fall. I need to work on this one!

I had a thoroughly enjoyable course and came away with lots of new ideas to introduce to my long term students as they embark on their lead climbing adventures. If you are looking for a Climbing Wall Award or Climbing Wall Leading Award course then I can certainly recommend the course provided by Joby. To find more about the courses run by Joby please click here.

Happy climbing

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