Climbing – Taster Session at Trevor Rocks

With the great weather we’ve been having recently it was nice to be off the water and instructing rock climbing for a bit of variety. The venue for the afternoon was to be Trevor Quarry in Llangollen for a taster climb and abseil session. There was quite an age range with the group (youngest 8 years with the eldest being 68 years), which was not easy to manage but everyone had a great time.


The session started with a bit of bouldering (to see how well folk moved) before going vertical and trying a few climbs to practice the new skills which tying on , self checks and belaying. With these skills mastered it was soon time to try the abseil, which is a vertical descent of 100 feet with great views over vale of Llangollen. I’m pleased to say that everyone completed the abseil and were all buzzing with excitement afterwards.


If this appeals to you that please take a look at our main website by clicking here and you too could be buzzing with excitement.

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