Climbing Session – Trevor Rocks

Getting ready for the climb

I was asked by a local company to provide an afternoons climbing instruction fro two clients (Ged & Karen). The venue for the session was the ever popular Trevor Rocks near Llangollen and we were lucky enough to avoid the worst of the showers and have a great afternoons climbing.

Happy Climbing

After general introductions and a spot of bouldering (to warm up and look at movement) it was soon time to get the ropes up and set up a climb or two. Ged had climbed previously before, albeit some years back and quickly¬†rediscovered the art of belaying and took great delight in belaying for Karen. On the other hand, this was Karen’s first attempt at climbing and at first see saw belaying as a ‘black art’ a change of coaching style from me (becoming more verbal and explaining things) and belaying became much easier.

On the Abseil

A few climbs later and it was time for the abseil over a a 100 feet cliff face. After a bit of a chat they both abseiled with ease and enjoyed the experience so much that they completed the abseil 4 times!

I had a great time working with Ged and Karen and from the feedback I received they did too show much so that they were talking about their next abseil, a vertical drop of 200 feet down a local pothole in Lancashire

If you would like an introductory climbing session or something more then please click take a look at our activities page on the main site or click here.



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