Climbing – NICAS Level 2 Training

The First Climb of the Day

I’m currently working with a group from Shrewsbury Canoe Club who are keen to learn the fundamental skills to allow them to progress onto ‘Lead Climbing’. To assist in this process we have been working away at the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (NICAS) awards. The group have already achieved Level 1 and are now working towards their Level 2.

Our venue for the training session was the climbing wall at Arthog Outreach in Telford, which has a host of short top roped routes from French 3 to 6a, which makes it ideal to practice movement skills and hone the belaying skills.

Much of the focus of the session was on movement skills and in particular using the feet to make progress up the wall (small steps, quiet feet, C of G & B of S) rather than pulling on the arms (looked for bent arms when folk are climbing).

At the end of the session, I’m pleased to say that the movement skills were looking much improved and all were surprised that when they got it right how little they used their arms!

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