Climbing – Family Session at Plas Power

Over the weekend, following a request from my daughter to go climbing or canoeing we decided to pay a visit to Plas Power, which has some easy angled slabs that my daughter thoroughly enjoys. On our last climbing session, like a lot of beginners, I noticed an over dependency on the arms (i.e pulling on the arms rather than using the legs to push up) so it was time to introduce the most fundamental of skills of footwork.

After a quick warm up, it was time to start climbing. I tend to let the first climb happen to see how things are going so that the excitement of the first climb is not diminished. Yes, the over dependency was still there so a few games / techniques were introduced to modify this as listed below:

  • Silent Feet – placing the feet as quietly as possible (you need to look down to do this);
  • No Holds Climbing – encourages you to move the centre of gravity (CoG) over your feet;
  • Hold & Pause – When you move your hand to a hold, release the other hand and touch 4 holds this is difficult unless you are in a restful position (i.e weight on your feet in this case).

By the end of session, we had a very different climber and one looking forward to her next climbing session.

If you or your family are just starting out and would like to kick start your climbing then please take a look at the activities page on our main to find out how, by clicking here.

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