Climbing at Trevor Rocks

Personal challenge - conquering the abseil

Personal challenge – conquering the abseil

Last Thursday and Friday, I was working for my friends at White Water Active running a series of climbing sessions at Trevor Rocks. I was working with a great team consisting of my old mates Richie, Phil and Chris and the banter between us was extremely lively and amusing!!

We were working with a group of sixth form college students who were there as part of a get to know each exercise as it would be their first year together. Over the course if the two day just over a 100 students visited the crag to have a go at climbing and abseiling. Each session was different and was tailored to match the students ability and aspirations. With some groups they tied on with a figure of eight and used conventional belaying techniques and with other they clipped on with a karabiner and used the bell ringing technique of belaying. However, which ever method the students chose it was good to see them adopting the safety checks they had been shown and encouraging each other to have a go.

The abseil at this location is some 100 feet and for some this proved to be quote a daunting task . However, I am pleased to say that with a little of encouragement and NLP techniques all but 6 managed to conquer their nerves and complete the abseil. I’m also sure with a little more time the last 6 would have abseiled too with the soft skills set of this experienced team.

If you would like this type of session for your school or college then please take a look at our main site to find out more by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you.



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