Climbing – A Day Out to Wolf Mountain

For some time now my daughter had asked me to take her climbing to Wolf Mountain in Wolverhampton, which I frequent on a regular basis. After a good day out on the Long Mynd it now seemed right for a visit.

For those who have never been to Wolf Mountain, then further information can be found on our activity information pages or you can click here.

In summary, there are two main walls with an assortment of lead and top rope problems for the intermediate / advanced climber, a bouldering area and side wall with an assortment of top roped ropes for the beginners or younger climbers.

First route of the day

We started off with a few games (twister, round the clock etc) to warm up the muscles and then then it was game on. After not climbing for a little while we needed to recap on some of the fundamental skills but that said we still managed a dozen or so routes before lunch working on balance and weight transfer. After a much needed break and some lunch we tackled a few more climbs and introduced different ways to use holds and how twisting your hips into the wall can help you climb.


Where's all the style gone

As my wife took on some of the belaying duties I was able to sneak a few routes in the bouldering area!

If this appeals to you then please click take a look at our activities page on the main site or click here.

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