CHMAS – White Water Safety & Rescue Training Course

Using the safety system - note the line for the 'Vector Pull'

Using the safety system – note the line for the ‘Vector Pull’

Last week, CHMAS hosted a White Water Safety and Rescue Training (WWSRT) course for several of our long term customers and I was fortunate to have time available to observe on the course and pick up a few top tips along the way. Our course provider was Jules Bernard of Voyageur Canoe Guiding & Coaching and judging from the feedback received a good time was had by all.

Over two days using the Upper Tryweryn and River Dee we looked at:

  • Defensive  / aggressive swimming
  • Rescue Protocols (STVK, SRTRG, SAFE & TPP)
  • Using all the team
  • Shallow water crossings
  • Reaching rescues
  • Gear choice (knowing what to carry and what to do with it)
  • Safe paddling and leading
  • Throw line rescues
  • Tensioned diagonals
  • Foot entrapments
  • Stopper rescues
  • Rope rescues – pulleys and the like
  • Pinned Boats and a whole lot more besides.

I had a great time on the water and have a few things to go away and play with as I get to grips with my new boat!! All the candidates had a great time if the feedback received below is anything to go by:

‘I thought the course was very professionally run. From the beginning you provided me with good information on how the course would run and what would be expected of us, including what kit we would need to bring. You were also very accommodating in providing a boat for me which was really appreciated. There was also information regarding where to stay for the duration of the course, I took your advice and stayed at Ty’n Dwr and I can report the accommodation was first class and the staff were very friendly, thank you for this. 

The course itself was brilliant, Jules was excellent and I really warmed to his style of coaching. There was a lot to cram in over the 2 days but he delivered it at a pace which meant it was easy to take all his instructions on board. It made me feel far more confident in my ability to deal with an incident in moving water. Coming from a flat water environment I possibly find moving water a little more daunting than those that it is common place too. 

For me day one was by far the most exciting and interesting, it really lifted me to know that even on a capsize and swim I would have the ability to deal with the situation, which in turn adds to the confidence in the boat.’

To see a few photographs from the course then please click here.

If you would like CHMAS to provide this type of course for you and our friends or club then please take a look at our main website to find out more by clicking here.

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