CHMAS – Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (FSRT) Course

Sit on Top - Self Rescue

Sit on Top – Self Rescue

Here at CHMAS, instructor training is becoming a large part of our work and its a great privilege to be involved in their development. The Foundation Safety & Recue Training (FSRT) course is a pre requirement to becoming a Level 1 Paddlesports Coach and although we are  obliged to follow a syllabus no two courses are the same as we try and deliver these courses based on the candidates needs to avoid ‘preaching’ to the converted and strengthening areas of weakness. The course is loosely structured on SRTRG model and utilises the principles of STVK and CLAP and there’s quite a lot to cover in a day!

CHMAS had 8 candidates on the day and I was extremely pleased to be working with my good friend Celia Dallaway who is also a White Water Safety & Rescue Training (WWSRT) provide and very experienced paddlesports coach.

We had hoped for sunshine but the weather gods thought otherwise. The candidates were a great bunch and  despite the cold and damp weather they really got stuck into the course, asked lots of questions and didn’t complain too much about the wet rescue work. It was also during this session that I found that my drysuit leaks much to the amusement of the candidates.

Judging by the feedback received, the candidates had a good time and I would like to wish them every success as the take the next steps to become a Level 1 Coach

To see a few photographs from the course then please click here

If you are not sure what those acronyms meant and would like to know how to apply simple and efficient rescue procedures then why not book on a CHMAS FSRT course to find out more.

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