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Here at CHMAS, we are very passionate about or first aid training and would like to see this life saving skill taught in schools and be rolled out to the adult population too. That’s why, CHMAS is registered to provide the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) – Heartstart scheme.

Heartstart Training In Progress

About The Heartstart Scheme
The Heartstart course lasts 2 hours and is provided free of charge, so its a great way to learn some fundamental life saving skllls. The topics covered on the course are: how to recognise a heart attack and a cardiac arrest;  help an unconscious person;
perform CPR; help someone who is choking;  respond to serious bleeding.

More information about our courses can be found on the Heartstart – CHMAS Facebook page. The courses really are great fun and could help you save someone’s life!

Rescue Emergency Care (REC) First Aid Courses
Chris is also a Rescue Emergency Care (REC) First Aid Trainer and can currently deliver the following courses:

Workplace First Aid
Emergency First At Work (EFAW) and First Aid at Work (FAW)

Children’s First Aid
Paediatric First Aid (PFA) and Emergency Paediatric First Aid (EPFA)

Outdoor First Aid
REC Emergency (Outdoor) First Aid Course (16 hour)
REC Advanced (pending final sign off)

The feedback from our last outdoor first aid course was exceptional despite the snow/cold weather for the practical outdoor scenarios and Chris was especially pleased to receive this email from on of the participants a few days after the course.

After completing the 1st Aid outdoors over the weekend course I had my first real casualty on Tuesday when my boss broke his right arm and sprained his left wrist and gashed his leg in a spectacular crash landing off his 9Bot (electronic uni wheel or guaranteed disaster machine as I like to call it) what a gift!
He tried the tough man “I haven’t got time to go to hospital” routine but thanks to my expert training by you Chris Hughes I managed to persuade him. TWO! Fractures to the right wrist, how many points do I get for that?

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