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Having fun running the rapids

Having fun running the rapids

It’s always nice running personal development courses and here at Chris Hughes Multi Activity Services we think we do them rather well! Our last personal development course was a 3 Star Canoe Assessment which was run over two days on Ellesmere Lake, Llangollen Canal and the River Dee.

Day 1 – Ellesmere Lake
A nice day that gave near perfect conditions for a three star training course and assessment. The started with a quick review of the each individuals personal paddling and then it was time to get stuck into the flat water syllabus, which is namely efficient forwards paddling (solo and tandem), paddling backwards, turning, moving sideways, poling, improvised sailing and rescues. A fair bit to cover and everyone was feeling quite tired by the end of the day.

Day 2 – Llangollen Canal / River Dee
The morning was spent on the Llangollen canal refining the strokes from day one and power creation (we would need this later on moving water). We worked our way up the canal developing certain skills (support strokes & moving sideways to name a few) as we went. Eventually we reached our destination (opposite the Serpents Tail on the River Dee)and we quickly got our boats down the steep bank to put in on the River Dee below the Serpents Tail. We then looked at the moving water elements of the syllabus (crossing a simple flow and breaking in / out of the current. Although out of syllabus we run the Campsite Rapids and Tombstones which was enjoyed by all before finishing off with a spot of poling on moving water to end the course.

Well, I’m pleased to say that everyone passed their assessment and felt really proud of their achievements. They also left the course with an action plan for their paddling development and I look forward to working with one of two in the future as they implement their action plans.

To see a few pictures from the course then please click here.

If you would like CHMAS to provide this type of course for you and your friends then please take a look at canoe page to find out more.

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