Caving trip to Huglith Mine

Blue copper ore staining & pools

Blue copper ore staining & pools

On a Tuesday evening, I had a pleasant trip to Huglith Mine with my caving mentor Al to get my SRT skills up to scratch and a very pleasant trip it was too. As the mine complex is now covered by a forestry plantation finding the entrance adit would have been quite difficult but thankfully Al remembered the way and we were soon ay the entrance to Badger Level.

Once instead mine we had a quick explore on the Badger Level before donning the SRT kit and descending into Number 2 shaft. Al quickly rigged the pitch and after a few words of encouragement and advice I soon followed him down into the gloom. On this level we found some fantastic copper staining and blue pools which we make a wide berth around so as not to contaminate them. We also found the remains of an ore hopper and further shafts down to the lower levels which are likely to be investigated in a further trip.

Ascending back up the ropes proved to be quite tiring and I found myself sweating profusely at the top much to Al’s amusement but all good things must come to and end and we left the mine in very good spirits indeed. I had a fantastic trip and to see a few pictures of the trip please click here.

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